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Hi, my name is Ema and I am a Year-9 student.

Why did you choose to join the NIC Summer School?

I joined NIC Summer School because I wanted to learn about the UN Social Development Goals and the NIC Summer School's programme and its activities revolved around this theme.

How happy were you with the whole Summer School experience?

I got to learn a lot about the SDGs so I am very glad that I joined the programme!

Which activity required the most effort to work together as a team?

I think that the group project for the SDGs presentation "Design the best SDGs school" required the most effort because we really had to have everyone share their opinion and listen to each other.

What do you think about the Case Method learning approach?

I think that the Case Method approach is a good way to learn because it makes the class more enjoyable.

Which skills do you think NIC Summer School 2021 has helped you to improve?

During this Summer School, we had to collaborate to build a final presentation and I think that it helped me to develop my ability to work and to communicate within a team. For me, because I don’t usually speak much, that is a good thing.

Which aspect or point of NUCB International College is the most interesting for you?

The most interesting thing for me is that NUCB International College is a boarding school. I have never been to a boarding school before so that is something that I was happy to experience during this Summer School.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about joining NIC Summer School?

Challenge yourself and join the Summer School! Like me, you can get more confidence in your English skills.