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Hello! My name is Hazuki and I am a 7th-grade student.

Why did you choose to join the NIC Summer School?

I decided to join the NIC Summer School mostly because the activities look fun and I would be able to improve my teamwork skills.

How happy were you with the whole Summer School experience?

I liked this programme because it was a good experience to improve my teamwork's skills and to also make friends. I also liked it because it was a great opportunity to have lots of fun while learning.

What is your best memory of NIC Summer School?

I was very surprised to be able to make meaningful friendships in such a short time- only 3 days! Before joining the programme, I was a little worried about that but now, this is something I am very happy about.

Which activity required the most effort to work together as a team?

The activity which required the most effort was making the presentation part during the UN SDGs workshop. Although it was quite fun, it required a lot of work but I am only grateful now that it helped me to improve my communication skills and I was very happy that it offered me the chance to express my opinion in front of others.

What do you think about the Case Method learning approach?

I think it was perfect for me because it helped me to improve myself from it. I improve a lot of skills such as communication while I talked with other group members and friends.

Which aspect or point of NUCB International College is the most interesting for you?

I think that letting young students know and learn about the Social Development Goals was a brilliant idea.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about joining NIC Summer School?

Just join! It would probably be the best decision you can make!