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Hi! I'm Noah and I'm currently in Grade 10 at NIC. I participated in the 2022 Summer School.

Why did you choose to join the NIC Summer School?

I didn't know much about NIC at the time so I wanted to see the new school facilities in person and experience staying on campus.

What is your best memory of NIC Summer School?

I was able to actively interact with people I met for the first time and communicate in English not only with foreigners but also with other Japanese people.

What do you think about the Case Method learning approach?

I felt that it was important to keep communicating my ideas because studying with the case method requires me to speak up and share my ideas with others to find a better solution.

Which aspect or point of NUCB International College is the most interesting for you?

You can make many friends from all over the world. By having this strong bond with friends, even regular classes are enjoyable. It’s an environment where despite having lots of homework, even self-study time can be fun.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about joining NIC Summer School?

Please go and change up your daily life. You can survive some time away from your phone! Make friends around the world, even if it's only for a short time!

How did joining the NIC Summer School help you when you applied to NIC?

During the summer school, I was able to experience what sets NIC apart from other schools and its advantages. It became clear to me that I wanted to go to NIC.