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Koen-nishi Station - Linimo

Linimo opened in 2005 as Japan's first magnetically levitated linear motor car. At the Expo 2005 Aichi, he was active as a major transportation means. In 2017, the global furniture chain store IKEA Nagakute opens right next to "Linimo Koen Nishi Station". Buses run from "Koen-nishi Station" to NUCB. You can also use a commuter pass or a transportation IC card (Manaka, Suica, etc.).

Bus fare from Koen-nishi station to NIC

One way
160 JPY

About bus stop

Exit the ticket gate and go to the bus stop in the station front rotary.

There are two bus stations in NUCB.  (The bus station at NIC is called NUCB Bus stop.)
NUCB Bus Stop: inside the campus
NUCB Bus Stop: front gate (The departure time of this station will be 2 minutes later than the one inside the campus.)

Bus stop