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How to apply

Applicants are requested to complete the application process online. The application process is easy to complete from your laptop or smartphone. Online application will be available from this page from November 2021. The application steps are as follows.

Steps from Application to Admission

  • STEP1

    Online Application

    Complete the Application Form and pay the application fees. After the payment, submit the following documents from the Online Application Portal:

    ・Personal Information & Declaration form
    ・Application Form
    ・ English essay: 500 words on “What motivates you to join NIC, and what values and leadership can you bring to our learning community?”.
    ・Academic transcript and Attendance record for Grade 7 to 9
    ・ References x2: one of the references should be from a teacher/educator who can evaluate the Applicant from an academic perspective. References must be from a non-family member.
    ・Evidence of English proficiency (optional - If you can prove your English proficiency at the time of admission by a score obtained within the past two years, please submit it. Not required for applicants who have undergone the previous 3 years of schooling in English)
    ・ Annual tax statements from parents/guardians (optional - provided to determine eligibility for Academic scholarships)
    ・ Japan residence card photocopy (for non-Japanese passport holders currently residing in Japan)
    ・Applicant's photo: colour, portrait style photo from the waist up, taken within the last 3 months, facing front with no hat
    ・Family photo: colour, horizontal photo taken within the last 3 months
    * File format: JPEG/PNG, Preferred size: 2M

    Additional documents for international applicants:
    ・ Passport photocopy (face, name, passport number displayed)
    ・ Financial statement indicating the capacity of the parent or guardian to support the applicant for the duration of the programme. These documents may include bank statements, tax documents that show annual income, or other financial holdings.

  • Online Examination

    Applicants will be required to take the CAT4 online examination.

  • STEP2


    Applicants who took the online test will be contacted within one week for interviews.

  • STEP3

    Application Results

    Applicants will be evaluated comprehensively based on the submitted documents, the results of the CAT4, and the interview. The applicant is notified of the result within 2 weeks after the interview.