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When should parents consider the boarding option?

While already a popular option with many, sending a child to a boarding school can be especially beneficial when parents find themselves facing some challenges such as job change, moving and so on.

To begin with, it suits those parents with such a busy work routine that they struggle to pay attention to the learning progress of their children. For students attending a day school, much of the learning is undertaken outside of school hours – examples include homework and self-study. As students have varying levels of motivation and discipline, parental support is often crucial to good performance. Where this is not readily available, placing a child under professional guidance at a boarding school seems a much better alternative.

Parents with international careers ought also to consider this option seriously. It is common that their children have to change schools according to family relocation plans, often in the middle of an academic year. Research has shown the damaging effects of frequent school transfers, in terms of both disruption to ongoing studies, and loss of friendship groups. On the other hand, boarding school students can feel reassured that they will be able to complete the entire programme of study, even if their home moves halfway across the globe!

Even among families to which the above situations are inapplicable, there is increasing recognition of the benefits of a boarding education. Independence, leadership and teamwork are among the social skills which can be fostered through living a communal school life with peers. As such, boarding schools are chosen by families with all sorts of circumstances and needs.