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More than just living: lessons in discipline and responsibility

Time Management, Confidence and Independence

On the face of it, a boarding house seems to be the peace where a school provides its students with meals and accommodation. But for students, it is not the passive receiving of provisions, but the active management of their own lives which lies at the heart of a boarding education.

Upon moving in, a student would live among fellow students as equals. There are no longer constant instructions from parents which, for many, would have been the case back home. From personal hygiene and breakfast in the morning to self-study and recreation in the evening, each student has to manage his or her own time in order to meet the requirements of academic and social life.

Mastering this essential life skill is no small task for young students leaving home for the first time. Yet, by repeatedly succeeding in time management under appropriate guidance, they develop a sense of confidence that they are in control of their own lifestyles. Gradually, this leads to the realisation that they can and should make reasoned decisions, and take responsibility of their own actions.

Such confidence and self-discipline are keys to success when the students take on new challenges later on, whether academically or vocationally. In the face of adversities, being able to drive oneself to face up to the difficulties and come up with viable solutions is an invaluable personal trait. For many of those who have succeeded in doing so, boarding school had been a place for personal growth and a gateway to independence.