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Japan ranked highly in international safety index

One of the greatest advantages of attending a boarding school in Japan is safety. Teenage students are at an age when they would like to adventure and explore. Providing them with a safe and supportive environment is crucial. Japan’s safety is outstanding in all aspects. The Global Peace Index (GPI) ranks the world's 163 countries and regions based on 23 indices, which are divided into three categories: social safety and security, civil war and international conflict, and military situation. Here are the latest results:

RankCountryFeaturesNumber of IB boarding high schools.
1IcelandWorld's safest country located in the North Atlantic region
2NorwayA fjord country on the west coast of Northern Europe1
3DenmarkStatistically the happiest country in the world1
4SingaporeA futuristic city state3
5New ZealandRich in natural beauty with active volcanoes and glaciers3
6JapanPopular for its unique traditional as well as modern culture6
7SwitzerlandEternal neutral state with famous Alpine peaks4