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How does an international boarding school prepare students for overseas education?

An overseas higher education is the dream of many aspiring young students. Entering a top university in the US’s Ivy League or the UK’s Russell Group is not only a way to earn a prestigious academic qualification, but also the beginning of a successful career. However, this is not always easy. As we will see, international boarding school students are equipped with a unique set of advantages to help them overcome the challenges ahead.

First of all, the students will graduate from their school with an internationally accredited high school diploma. This will be recognised as equivalent to the school leaving qualifications of most English-speaking countries including the UK, US, Canada and Australia, allowing the students to apply for a Bachelor’s degree directly. Unlike those who studied a local high school curriculum, they would not be required to complete a preparatory course e.g. Foundation Year. Besides, having been taught in English, they will have no problem meeting the language proficiency requirements set by universities.

More importantly, the students would have acquired an international mindset. Cultural shock, which refers to the confusion and stress associated with moving to a new country, is less likely to affect them. This is because at school, they are already accustomed to working with people with different backgrounds, values and perspectives, as well as making friends with fellow students from all over the world.

Last but not least, a boarding environment would have helped cultivate the students’ independent living skills. For many of those studying abroad for the first time, moving away from home proves a real struggle. At boarding school, students learn to manage their own time, workload and health, and ask for help where needed. This will certainly smoothen their transition to university life.