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IKEA Nagakute

IKEA Nagakute

IKEA Nagakute

IKEA Nagakute, located nearby Linimo Koen-nishi Station - the nearest station to NUCB International School, is the world's largest furniture retailer and renowned for its design and after-sales service. The Nagakute store opened in October 2017 is the first one in the Tokai area.

The IKEA Group was founded in Sweden in 1943, and its corporate philosophy is to realize "a more comfortable day for more people" based on the concept that "home is the most important place in the world". Having a wide range of home furnishing products that combine excellent design and functionality, IKEA strives to provide them at the most affordable prices so that more people can purchase them.

In addition, since "sustainability" has become an important issue, IKEA is also promoting energy conservation and actively using green energy (solar, wind, biomass) in order to reduce the emission of CO2.

Source: " IKEA Japan Tokai region's first store, IKEA Nagakute (tentative name) Start construction for the fall of 2017 Start IKEA Japan ”

IKEA Nagakute store overview

Site area: 48,129㎡
Store area: 31,191㎡
Selling area: 20,000㎡
Nearest station: "Koen-nishi" station on Linimo's Tobu Hills Line
Number of employee: Approximately 350
Number of goods: Approximately 9,500
Restaurant seats: About 750 seats
Parking lot capacity: Approximately 1,450

Location: 43 Kamonmae, Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture Linimo Park Nishi Ekimae readjustment area