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Hi, my name is Wakaba and I am a Grade 10 student at NIC. I participated in the 2022 Summer School.

Why did you choose to join the NIC Summer School?

In elementary school, I was in an international environment. But then I went to a Japanese middle school and it was different, I wanted to go back to the international setting which I had the chance to do when I was a child. I went to the NIC Open Campus but there were aspects of the school I could not understand from explanations alone so I wanted to experience it in person.  

What is your best memory of NIC Summer School?

I got to know the atmosphere of NIC, and the continuous opportunities that I could not experience in the Open Campus were valuable. For example, living in the dormitory and being independent. I could immerse myself in English and it was good that we could create an atmosphere where we could talk in English in our rooms.

What do you think about the Case Method learning approach?

It is a method of learning not seen in Japanese schools, where the focus is on solving textbook questions and the main goal is to take the university entrance exam. I think it is valuable for those who want to challenge themselves, enrich their high school life, and cultivate their passions.  

Which aspect or point of NUCB International College is the most interesting for you?

It is a beautiful campus and I can show it off to my friends. The uniforms are also unique and attracted me.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about joining NIC Summer School?

Language can be a barrier, but it can also be a connection. Even if you are a Japanese speaker, I hope that you will be able to enter an English-speaking environment and use English to interact with people from different countries and not stay in one community. If you can make the effort, it will be a worthwhile opportunity, so don't take the easy way out and give it a shot! You won't regret it later!  

How did joining the NIC Summer School help you when you applied to NIC?

I had a lot of trouble choosing a school, but after experiencing NIC's Summer School, I was able to choose the more challenging option of going to NIC rather than staying in a Japanese high school. My goals for high school and beyond became clear. I was able to get used to the atmosphere at NIC, which gave me confidence, and I was able to speak confidently during the interview.