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Must read - Hints and Tips on Entrance Examinations

NIC's application period has finally started. In the case of admission selection for boarding schools, the so-called exam entrance examination unique to Japan "juken" doesn't hold much significance. For example, at NUCB International College, applicants are selected on the basis of their middle school grades (GPA), essay writing, an online examination and an interview to understand their interests, attitudes, and enthusiasm, as well as their suitability for the school's learning style and a boarding school education.
In this entry, we will review with you 2 important examination steps which are part of our admission process: the Essay and the Final Interview.


The theme of the essay is "What motivates you to join NIC, and what values and leadership can you bring to our learning community?”. Your response should be in English and written in 500 words.
Your essay will undergo assessment by our Education team, who are keen to gain insight into your character and leadership background. Do you have any passions that drive you? Have you ever assumed a leadership role, be it related to school, sports, music, or other areas? We would like to hear about your experiences in this regard. Identify the aspects of NIC that resonate with you, and explain why they align well with your personal journey and traits. Essentially, tell us what motivates you to come and live with an international learning community of students and teachers and why you are an ideal candidate.
Please remember that you must write this essay without the use of any typing assistance tools, and its content should emanate from your personal reflections.

Final Interview

We strongly advise all applicants to prepare thoroughly for the interview and reflect on the following topics:

1. IB Diploma Programme: Applicants should possess a basic understanding of the IB Diploma Programme, be aware of the classes offered at NIC, and have an idea of the subjects they wish to pursue from grade 11 onward. Read more about the IB Diploma Programme at NIC here.

2. Case Method: This teaching approach is central to NIC's curriculum. The Case Method actively engages students in group discussions and teamwork. It places an emphasis on involving students actively in solving problems by studying examples of real problems that have occurred or may occur in society in future. Learn more about the case method and its 4-Step Learning Process here.

3. Other potential questions:
- What motivates your interest in studying at NUCB International College?
- What interests you particularly in the IB Diploma Programme?
- How will studying at NIC help you to reach your future goals?
- What are you most passionate about or interested in?
- Are you ready to experience boarding life?

Applicants will have 20 minutes, while parents will have 10 minutes for the interview.