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Homesickness in the boarding house?

Most boarding schools require students to live on campus during term time, including weekends and shorter breaks. For the purpose of collaborative learning, it is crucial that all boarders stay together for continued periods of time. Fairness is also a consideration: students from the local area are to be treated in the same way as those from other parts of the country, or world. This means that students return home only for the longer holidays such as summer vacation.

It is true that some students experience homesickness in early stages of their boarding life. However, for the most part they adapt well, and start to relish living with their peers before long. It is important to point out that the educational programme of a boarding school does not operate nine-to-five, Mondays to Fridays. Instead, it addresses students’ academic and personal development for the full duration of their stay. Relaxation and recreational activities are usually arranged before dinner time on weekdays. Weekends and days off are when larger-scale extra-curricular activities like excursions can take place. Time is also set aside for revision. As for students who need a little more support, they should keep in mind that teachers, housemasters and mentors are there to listen and help.