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Time management: a precious skill for boarding school students

To become more independent is an aim many young students have when they first leave home to go to a boarding school. Crucial to achieving independence is self-management ability, an important aspect to which is time management. To lead a fulfilling student life both academically and socially, it is necessary that students learn to allocate time productively to meet multiple demands, under the guidance of teachers and housemasters.

Especially during the latter years of secondary schooling, not all homework is due overnight. Group projects, essays and fieldwork of varying length start to appear, and their due dates have to be observed. Moreover, time has to be set aside for revision leading up to tests and examinations. Things are further complicated by the fact that students usually have their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects, which is why there can be no one-size-fits-all approach.

Outside of academic studies, spare time has to be divided between rest, socialising with peers, sports and other extra-curricular activities. While boarding house rules provide some overall structure to time allocation, individual planning and adaptation play significant roles. Reflecting frequently and learning from fellow students are ways leading to great improvement.