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【Report】Creation and Completion

One of the highlights of the programme was the "Creation & Completion" Workshop, led by Hanifi-sensei and Chaytor-sensei. The workshop encompassed mind-stretching challenges, scientific wonders, cinematic explorations, and creative endeavours, providing a truly enriching experience for all attendees.
During Session 1, the "Memory Maze" activity engaged students in an exhilarating relay that seamlessly blended mental and physical challenges. Session 2, titled the "Festival of Lights Case" study, will delve into the fascinating world of chemiluminescence through Harvard-style case method teaching, allowing students to deepen their scientific understanding.
In Session 3, participants had the opportunity to sharpen their analytical skills by exploring the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking. Engaging in discussions about film techniques allowed them to relax and enjoy the process of learning.
Overall, it was a promising start to the Summer School, where knowledge and creativity intertwined, promising an unforgettable and transformative learning journey for everyone involved!