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【Report】Nature's Mechanics: Unravel the Wonder

In this workshop, students are exploring how things work in nature through the lens of Science. Through a case study and activities, they are interrogating and learning about different concepts from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students are learning to apply the knowledge gained to solve problems.

The case revolves around Kate, a young girl, who is studying mass extinctions and is one day saddened to see a lot of dead fish in the local pond. What could have led to the death of the fish? Students are analyzing the problem, performing tests on the water, and suggesting solutions to solve the problem.

In another related activity, they are tackling the inquiry question - how are colours produced in flowers? Students are making plant extracts and using them as probes to analyze seemingly similar-looking solutions. They are interpreting and evaluating the results of changes in colour brought about by the extracts to conclude their analysis.

All throughout the workshop, students are using critical and creative thinking skills to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize applications to explore as well as dissect the mechanisms at work in nature. They are using equipment from the state-of-the-art laboratory of NIC during the workshop. The activities are intended to spur interest in Science while having fun.