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Round Admissions: Features and Tips

It is common to see application deadlines for overseas schools divided into several rounds. Each round lasts approximately one to two months and the level of difficulty varies depending on the timing you apply. If your application is based on a round system, early application is said to be more advantageous. In order to get the best chance of being selected for the schools that you are applying for, the key is to aim to apply before the end of the second round.

Advantages of applying early

  • Many slots remain open for acceptance and there are fewer competitors (other applicants)
  • Given the above, it is easier for your characteristics (background, motivation, etc.) to stand out and be appealing
  • It shows how serious you are about your application and how much planning has gone into preparing it
  • The early acceptance of your application will give you peace of mind and allow you more time to prepare for admission
  • Even if you are unsuccessful, knowing the results early will allow you to plan your next steps.
  • If you have to submit incomplete or additional documents, you will have time to react quickly.
  • The early acceptance of your admission will offer you more time to prepare your visa application and logistics.

Applying early should not have a negative impact on the quality of your application and every applicant should take the time needed to come well prepared. To do so, it is important to plan which schools to apply to and when, balancing the priority of the schools you want to apply to, the current state of the admissions criteria, and the time needed to prepare your application.