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Active Learning Center

The Active Learning Center, built in 1988, is another stage in the advanced information technology education, with two classrooms, a workshop and administrative offices on the first floor, three classrooms on the second floor, and laboratories on the third floor. All classrooms are equipped with a control system that allows teachers to control the equipment in the classroom via a touch screen, allowing them to concentrate on their work.

Quarter-circle Classrooms

Some classrooms use a quarter-circle classroom design similar to those western business schools, with a 140 inch screen and a high brightness rear projector to enhance visual and operability. In addition, a high-performance video conferencing system has been installed and is used for remote lectures between the Tokyo, Osaka and Fushimi campuses.

Round tables for group session

Classrooms 8201, 8202 and 8203 are group-type classrooms. Here, teams work on the same assignment through group work and then exchange ideas and learn through presentations and discussions. The large space and round tables make it easy for faculty to move to students' seats.

Meeting room for faculty

Conference B room is used for faculty meetings. It is suitable for exchanging ideas and in a group session format.

Information Office

The information office is located on the 1st floor. This office not only manages the school's information infrastructure and provides support for lectures, but also provides students with computer-related consultations and advice to support their studies.


Once inside the huge pyramid-shaped Active Learning Center, you will see the entrance to the building. This entrance is used for various events such as the opening ceremony of the school festival (Sagamine Festival).