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True advantages of the boarding school life

Immersion Environment and Mentoring

A boarding school is like a 365-day training camp. The school and dormitory are close together, you live with other students 24 hours a day, there will be no boundary between school life and private life. You are always “ON” while you awake, allowing you to concentrate on what you want to do.

In addition, having friends around you who you can ask and discuss with any time creates a “Mentoring Effect”, where you are stimulated by each other and engage in friendly competition. In this way, the motivation to work hard and the quality of efforts are greatly enhanced.

Learning and growing from diversity

By living together with others, we encounter various differences from ourselves on a daily basis. You will see how diverse the world really is. It is natural to have different values and lifestyles in a different environment. These "differences" become learning experiences that bring new perspectives and thoughts to you. By accumulating such learning, you will be able to acquire objective thinking and tolerance for diversity. Knowing the differences between you and others will also lead you to know yourself objectively. In a boarding school, there are many opportunities for learning and growth from diversity.

Meet lifelong friends who are bound by deep bonds

When you live in a dormitory, you will be living together with friends from various backgrounds and personalities. There will be times of conflict and stress due to differences in opinions and customs. However, through such events, you will be able to understand each other deeply, grow together, and build a deep bond. The friends you meet at a boarding school will become your lifelong friends and assets for life.