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NUCB International College Invites Participants to the “2023 Summer School” ~Experience Dormitory Life in this Residential English Immersion Programme!~


NUCB International College (NIC), a boarding school in Nisshin City, Aichi, will host its “Summer School” during the Japanese summer vacation period. Participants can experience dormitory life whilst undertaking studies in English. The programme is open to junior high school students aged between 13 and 15 years. It will run from Saturday, July 22nd to Sunday, July 30th; 9 days and 8 nights in total.

NIC, which officially opened in September 2022, has held a Summer School program three times thus far, with a total of over 150 junior high school students from both Japan and abroad participating. Many participants have gone to enrol to study at NIC following positive experiences at Summer School. Thus, this programme is a good opportunity for junior high school students who are considering where to go for their higher education, and those interested in experiencing boarding school life.

Since English is the official language of the curriculum at NIC, English is also the primary language used throughout the Summer School in both lessons and communication. Through the use of the Harvard-style Case Method and the International Baccalaureate (IB) style of inquiry-based learning, both hallmarks of the teaching and learning methods at NIC, this program aims to build up the skills necessary for the next generation of global leaders; such as problem-solving, critical inquiry and analysis, design thinking and communication.

All participants will stay in the Boarding House, on campus, during the programme. Every day after dinner, various activities will be held with the assistance of our House supervisors, to encourage and deepen friendships and bonds among students. These nine days spent together will undoubtedly be a memorable experience of a lifetime for participants. For more information on this event and how to apply, please refer to NUCB International College’s website.

Aiming to nurture future world-class leaders, NIC provides an environment where students from diverse backgrounds, both from Japan and abroad, can learn and coexist together. The school has been approved by the Aichi Prefecture and received its official accreditation as an IB World School on December 12, 2022; making it the first international boarding school in the Tokai region and one of the few IB Diploma Programme schools in Japan.

NIC Advantages

NUCB International College is designed to provide a world-class education with excellent facilities and a rich natural environment, on its 200-acre campus, in Nisshin city, Japan.

Excellence in Education

The case method, first developed at Harvard Business School in 1922 and now commonly used in elite academic institutions worldwide, is incorporated into the teaching approaches for leadership education at NIC. Small classes enable personalised supervision by multinational faculty members with master's or doctoral degrees and faculty from affiliated top business schools. In addition, the Summer School for prospective students (July) and a preparatory course (the Bridging Programme) for September admission are also offered.

Safe Boarding Environment

The school provides a safe and secure co-educational boarding environment with reference to international boarding standards. 'House Supervisors', who are well versed in psychological and health management, provide daily support and regular individual counselling to ensure optimal support and guidance for each student. Through living together with peers from different cultures and experiences, students develop the qualities required of the next generation of leaders.

About NIC

  • School Name: NUCB International College
  • Location: 4-4 Sagamine, Komenoki-cho, Nissin-shi, Aichi
  • Type of school: MEXT Accredited High School & IB World School
  • Enrolment: 225 (male and female students in their first to third year of high school)
  • Public Language: English

Upcoming events

  • Thu., 2 March 2023: Online Information Session (Zoom)
  • Thu., 9 March 2023: Online Information Session (Zoom)
  • March 25-March 28, 2023: Spring School