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NUCB International College Celebrates Students Engagement at 71st Sagamine Festival


On October 14th, NUCB International College (NIC), marked a significant milestone as its students participated in NUCB’s 71st Annual Sagamine Festival for the second consecutive year, with the event proving to be an even greater success than before. Student participation in the festival is in collaboration with NUCB Undergraduate School and is entirely student-led, allowing students to take on leadership and collaborative roles. The festivities kicked off with an inspiring speech from Chancellor Hiroyuki Kurimoto, setting a positive tone for the day. Following the opening ceremony, students, teachers, and staff gathered at the NUCB Active Learning Centre for a celebratory buffet, fostering a sense of community and shared excitement.

The Year 11 students, embracing their entrepreneurial spirit, ran their own shop selling ice cream and ‘ama zake’, turning in a substantial profit which will be reinvested in future Creativity, Activity, & Service (CAS) activities as part of their International Baccalaureate (IB) program requirements. Their exceptional sales techniques and vibrant personalities captivated the crowd, leading to a swift sell-out of their stock. Students took the initiative to run their own stall and even had the unique idea of selling ice-cream sandwiches. They handled every aspect of the business, from procuring materials and creating promotional fliers to determining pricing points and organizing a shift schedule. Their hard work and dedication paid off, as they successfully managed the stall and interacted with the festival attendees throughout the day.

 Meanwhile, the Year 10- students brought their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)-themed plans from Home Economics lessons to life, engaging visitors with a diverse array of activities ranging from home-made informational movies and quizzes to games and family fun. In total, there were eight unique activities designed and created in small groups. This exhibition not only allowed students to showcase their creativity but also served as an educational platform for teaching visitors about the Sustainable Development Goals and the student’s learnings from their studies. The hands-on activities provided a fun and engaging way for the community to connect with global issues.

 The festival’s highlight was NIC’s inaugural live concert, where eight talented students showcased their musical prowess in a 30-minute performance spanning genres from classical to modern pop. The performances featured three group performances and two solo acts, showcasing an impressive array of talent from our students. The entire NIC family came together to support the performers, creating a warm and encouraging atmosphere. This musical extravaganza was not just a display of talent but also a testament to the strong sense of community at NIC, providing a fitting and joyful conclusion to this year’s Sagamine Festival.

NIC focuses on providing an education that maximizes students' autonomy and curiosity. Instead of leaving knowledge as abstract concepts, the school emphasizes real-world learning opportunities, creating platforms for presentations and practical experiences. Through their participation in the Mikamine Festival, students not only enhanced their academic knowledge but also gained valuable insights and experiences for personal growth and development.

NIC Advantages

NUCB International College is designed to provide a world-class education with excellent facilities and a rich natural environment, on its 200-acre campus, in Nisshin city, Japan.

Excellence in Education

The case method, first developed at Harvard Business School in 1922 and now commonly used in elite academic institutions worldwide, is incorporated into the teaching approaches for leadership education at NIC. Small classes enable personalised supervision by multinational faculty members with master's or doctoral degrees and faculty from affiliated top business schools. In addition, the Summer School for prospective students (July) and a preparatory course (the Bridging Programme) for September admission are also offered.

Safe Boarding Environment

The school provides a safe and secure co-educational boarding environment with reference to international boarding standards. 'House Supervisors', who are well versed in psychological and health management, provide daily support and regular individual counselling to ensure optimal support and guidance for each student. Through living together with peers from different cultures and experiences, students develop the qualities required of the next generation of leaders.

About NIC

  • School Name: NUCB International College
  • Location: 4-4 Sagamine, Komenoki-cho, Nissin-shi, Aichi
  • Type of school: MEXT Accredited High School & IB World School
  • Enrolment: 225 (male and female students in their first to third year of high school)
  • Public Language: English

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