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Final Presentation of SDG Projects


NUCB International College, which opened in September 2022, presented the results of its project research on the SDGs at the Sagamine Festival - the school festival organised by its parent organisation, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (NUCB). For the first six weeks after their enrolment, the students of NIC worked on the SDGs project under the guidance of Dr Hoe Chin Goi, a professor at NUCB, and provided creative games and original cards about the SDGs to visitors to the festival.

NIC opened on 1 September 2022 and welcomed new students from seven different countries, both domestic and international, as its first cohort. For about six weeks after enrolment, the students learnt what the SDGs are, thought about how they can encourage others to take action as next-generation leaders, and worked on a project to host a booth at the school festival in order to spread their newfound knowledge with visitors of the festival. On the day of the Sagamine festival, the students were blessed with many visitors, from children to adults, and they presented their projects in Japanese and English according to the language of the visitors.

In addition, in order to make the significance of the SDGs known to as many people as possible, each group created their own games, including games that interweave Japanese culture such as 'Wa-nage (ring toss)' and 'Karuta (card game)'. Visitors enjoyed learning about the SDGs together with our school students.

In addition, Students collaborated with the University Cafeteria and NUCB Students, to create cards that were distributed to visitors and which included environmental improvement ideas that everyone can do at home related to the beverages served at the Cafeteria.

NIC Teaching Approach

Students at NIC learn primarily through the case method, a leadership education method practised at Harvard University and other top academic institutions around the world. The case method cultivates not only academic skills but also leadership skills that will be used in an increasingly multicultural and diverse society. Classes are conducted in small groups of up to 25 students, all of whom are taught by multinational faculty members with master's or doctoral degrees alongside faculty members from affiliated business schools. NIC also offers a summer school for prospective students and a preparatory bridging programme for students entering high school.

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