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NUCB International College appoints Robert Chaytor, former assistant head of Harrow School, as Acting Principal.


NUCB International College (Nisshin, Aichi Prefecture, Japan), which opened in September 2022, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Robert Chaytor as Acting Principal, who took up his post on 15 September. Mr Chaytor is an international educator with a student-centred, values-based approach who has held key school management positions at top IB schools in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Shenzhen and Chongqing for over 20 years. As Acting Principal at NUCB International College, he will play a central role in school management and educational activities.

Brief Personal Record

Mr Robert Chaytor

Mr Robert Chaytor

Chaytor holds a Master's degree in Education from the University of New South Wales (Australia) and the University of Wollongong (Australia). An international educational leader with over 30 years of teaching experience, spanning six countries in the fields of education, pastoral care and boarding, he has worked in IB schools as Head of Department, MYP Coordinator, Personal Project Coordinator, DP Grade Level Coordinator, TOK Coordinator, and examiner for TOK. He is also an eAssessor for the MYP. More recently he was the Assistant Headmaster and Interim Headmaster (in a shared capacity) at Harrow International School in China.

Comment from Mr Chaytor

I am delighted to be able to join the NUCB International College in this important position. I feel that education at NUCB International College is of immense value and that it is a challenging and prestigious role. I care about making our school a safe and fun place to be, that our students and teachers feel welcome every day and that this joy extends to the families of our students and teachers. I will do my utmost to create a safe school where children can thrive both academically and in life. I look forward to moving NUCB International College forward in its curriculum, boarding and pastoral care.

《NIC Advantages》

NUCB International College is designed to provide a world-class education with excellent facilities and a rich natural environment, on its 200-acre campus, in Nisshin city, Japan.

《Excellence in Education》

The case method, first developed at Harvard Business School in 1922 and now commonly used in elite academic institutions worldwide, is incorporated into the teaching approaches for leadership education at NIC. Small classes enable personalised supervision by multinational faculty members with master's or doctoral degrees and faculty from affiliated top business schools. In addition, the Summer School for prospective students (July) and a preparatory course (the Bridging Programme) for September admission are offered in the Spring term.

《Safe Boarding Environment》

The school provides a safe and secure co-educational boarding environment with reference to international boarding standards. 'House Supervisors', who are well versed in psychological and health management, provide daily life support and regular individual counselling to ensure optimal support and guidance for each student. Through living together with peers from different cultures and experiences, students develop the qualities required of the next generation of leaders.

《School Outline》

School Name: NUCB International College (NIC) Capacity: 225 students, Co-educational, Full boarding Programme: Japanese Senior High School & International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)* Grade level range: 10-12. Student transfers are accepted until Grade 11. Location: 4-4 Sagamine, Komenoki, Nisshin, Aichi, Japan Language of instruction: English