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27/03 Tokyo On-site Info Session & Mock Lesson

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On Saturday 27 March, we held our first on-site school information session and mock classes in Tokyo at our Tokyo Marunouchi office.
The first half of the session was conducted in Japanese and the second half in English.

The mock class was an opportunity to experience the case method, one of the most distinctive features of NUCB. The case method is a teaching method used in most of the top business schools around the world to train students in the breadth and depth of knowledge and thinking, and problem-solving skills, by using real or hypothetical cases as teaching materials and discussing the cases from a student viewpoint. This is the first time in Japan that an MBA-style case method has been applied to most of the classes at a senior high school. This time, the students worked on a case study about the development of a travel business in Nagoya. Professor Goi Hoe Chin, who was in charge of the class, posed a variety of questions as the discussion progressed, and at the end of the session, the participants shared their conclusions and learnings from the case. It was impressive to see how the participants tried to use their knowledge of the unfamiliar case method and how actively they tried to communicate in English.

This was followed by an address by the Principal, Mr Dennis Kelly, and a Q&A session. Participants commented that they were attracted by the IBDP, the case method and the school environment and that they were interested in boarding schools and enjoyed the mock classes. On-site information sessions and mock classes in Tokyo and Nagoya will continuously be held on a monthly basis.
We hope to see you at one of our next mock classes or information sessions.
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