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17/04 Online Info Session by Facebook Live

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On Saturday, April 17, we held our first online school information session via Facebook Live at our Nagoya Marunouchi office. Divided into two parts, the first half and the second half, we received multiple questions from everyone, and the comment section became lively. The back side of the briefing actually looks like the picture, and unfortunately it was raining outside, but it's a nice view. The deadline for applications for our Summer School in Japan is May 31. If you would like to join us, please apply as soon as possible as we are filling up. We will also be holding our first Open Campus on Thursday, April 29th, which is a national holiday. We will have a GBBA class experience and a tour of our current school building and dormitory. In addition, we have updated our May events today, so please check back here for updates. We will be holding more school information sessions like this in the future, so please follow us on Facebook. I'll see you next time. Thank you very much.